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Hello my Darlings !
As you probably know, for almost a week reading all the articles that some bloggers Hart Larsson, owner and creator of [PXL], has released his new Skin: Jade. This dear Hart outdid himself to offer us a really beautiful skin with many options , a fresh  & sexy face enhanced with great features (love them all).
What's even great  skin match with SLink mesh hands and feet ( appliers have already been released ) and with Lolas and Lush appliers too ! For me, it is a boon because for the moment, few skins has appliers for Lush breast, given the Tango's ultra popularity.
Now, I think you curious about what awaits you if you buy this beautiful skin? I see your impatience, I'd bet!

Jade is available in 8 tones , from Dark to Pale. Each skin pack comes with lots of options : 15 lip colors, with or without freckles, enhanced skin, which are blended to the skin. But its not all my dears, Jade also has 15 eyeshadows, 5 brow colors and a brow eraser option, lip glosses, moles  and 3 cleavage options, all on tattoo layers. This allows you to choose according to the tastes and mood of each. For example, I like the pink and soft colors, I am spoiled for choice. So expect to see me wearing this skin often.
To close this post, I want to thank Mr. Hart, who kindly sent me this skin. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Thank you very much <3

* I listed the 8 tones so you can get an idea *

Skin : [PXL] JADE DA Bare Lips MEB C2 (EN)

Hair : ISON - Leighton

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE DA SmokeyBrown Eyes (tattoo

Skin : [PXL] JADE EBO Cherry Lips MEB C2 (FR)

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE EBO Deep Eyes (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE LT Chocolate Lips MEB C2

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE LT FloatEmerald Eyes (tattoo)

eyebrows : [PXL] JADE LT Eyebrows: Blonde (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE OL Cyclamen Lips MEB C2

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE OL FloatPink Eyes (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE PA Fade Lips MEB C2 (EN)

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE PA Green Eyes (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE TAN Mauve Lips C2 MEB (FR)

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE TAN Lust Eyes (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE NAT Pale Lips MEB C2 (EN)

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE NAT Metal Eyes (tattoo)

Skin : [PXL] JADE SK PeachyPink Lips MEB C2 (FR)

Eyeshadow : [PXL] JADE SK Orange Eyes (tattoo)

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