Photography service

My photographer service is available for you with different price plans . ( for personal photographic services only NO commercial ads.)
To get an overview of the quality and style of my work, please visit my Flickr Gallery @

Plans & Pricing 

Single portrait @ L$750 per photo
Full body portrait @ L$750 per photo
Couples portrait @ L$1000 per photo

Photographer availability

Tuesday through Friday from 4AM-  6AM & 1PM- 3PM SLT.*
*If you are unable to schedule a photo session between those hours, I am ready to work with you to find a mutually convenient time.

Scheduling your photo shoot appointment

Photo sessions must be confirmed by email to: You will receive a confirmation invitation  Please read the details within the invitation carefully.
• Photo shoot usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour
• Following your photo shoot, your photos will go through an editing process. You will receive your photos by email within 48 hours .


Full payment is required at the time of the photo shoot. If you are dissatisfied with your photo, I am ready to reshoot for a second time only, free of charge. If you are still dissatisfied, your L $ will be fully refunded. Please make sure that you have seen my gallery Flickr carefully in advance so that you are aware of my skills and know what to expect with my photography.

Let us gain time

• You are expected to arrive ready to go, fully dressed for the photo shoot.
• If you prefer an on-location shot, please have your LMs ready  so we can teleport right away and start the shooting.

Couples portraits

If you want  to use one of your own pose it’s welcome of course but ensure you’re able to rez it on the location of the shoot.
You will have rezzing rights in my photo studio during the session.


Once I send you the photos they are yours to do whatever you want.
If I choose to share them on my gallery, I will always ask your permission first.
To book your photo shoot, contact me via email or fill out the form below.
Photography Form


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