Closes your eyes ...I'm wearing mustache !

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Wow, Miss Melissajeanne Flores (Elephante poses owner)  really worked hard! And as always, her poses are really great, but I can not show everything in one post, I decided to start with the poses that you see there and then I would show more in coming posts ... phew ...

Because, in addition of poses, now . Elephante Poses. also offers Nails add-ons for mesh hands from Slink! And Ms. Flores is a real nail artist. This is great because in RL, I am a real  nail fan ! So, thanks to this talented artist, I can give a cute  look to my nails on SL.
Nail polish you see is too fun,  mustache printed and available in 6 different colors. I love mustache lol
The poses are also awesome, Those are headshot poses for pictures, as they are called "closed your eyes" I wearing the eyelids  from Slink too.
Cute huh?


Skin : Essences - Whisper ~ anime ~
Hair : Slink Bianca Hair Pale Blonde (@ hair fair 2013 )

Lingerie : +black panda+ - lingerie set - hearts

Freckles : Essences - Freckles / Moles / Beauty Marks
Eyelids : Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
Mesh Hands : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands 
Nails : //elephante poses// Stache Slink Nails - 100L @ The Black Fair

Poses : //elephante poses// Close Your Eyes - 150L @ The Black Fair

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