Numberology... The power of numbers

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Hello my Darlings !
Covert Affairs brings us a new event on the Grid : Numberology.
Yes numbers! cause it seems that each number has its own spiritual meaning.  This new great event will be about their meanings! My lucky number is 2, what is yours?
Each store has been chosen for a number and will show one aspect of the selected digit. For example, for 2: Kindness, Balance, Duality, Planning, Partnerships. Stores which will have the number 2 will show, through their products, one of these meanings.

Would you know which stores will participate? Well, well, well, I'll give you some names (to name a few!) Currently some great stores such as : IKON - Alouette - BOOM - MONS - Remarkable Oblivion - ContraptioN . It's great, is not it?

For more infos about this coming event just a click :  Covert Affairs

So ! A lil reminder :
What?  Numberology
When?  June 1st - June 15th
Where?  TBA

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