The Outlet Sales room - Round 13

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Hello! sorry for being late but many things happened and unfortunately, the days only have 24 hours. The Outlet Sales Room has started a new round and for those who read my posts regularly, you already know that you will not be disappointed by the items offered.
For the newcomers, The Outlet Sales Room is a bi-weekly event, which offers a discounted price items during the period of the event. Lot of skilled designers therefore much brilliant  items .

Wayward Muse Items for round 15
Wayward Muse offers this collection called "Cuir", the trunk opens to store whatever you want (or to hide what you want), the nightstand comes in two different versions. I love this collection because it is so detailed, the bed comes with various poses (solo or couples). Without forgetting that these items are discounted from $ 75 to 100L.
Greymoon & .charme. for round 13

And now,  a little fashion with . charm. & Greymoon , which offers beautiful items for this new round (as usual).
Greymoon proposes two jeans (cuffed & not cuffed) and a pretty dress lives up to its name.

About .charm. this is a wide range of accessories proposed, such as headbands, collars and glasses brightly colored or soft. I love it!
The headband is available in 4 colors, the collar in 3 colorsincluding one that has a printed bird, and finally the glasses are available in 3 different colors that I love too much.

Credits :
Pic 1 :
Bed : [WM] Cuir Bed (@The Outlet Sales room)
Nightstand : [WM] Cuir Night Table Set (@The Outlet Sales room)
Trunk : [WM] Cuir Chest(@The Outlet Sales room)
Wall sconce : [WM] Cuir Wall Sconce (@The Outlet Sales room)

Pic 2 (left) :

Skin : LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Bloom (@The Skin Fair 2013)
Hair : [LeLutka]-EFFECT hair - Marilyn
Dress :  Greymoon-Ecclectic Mesh Dress (@The Outlet Sales room)
Collar : .charme. Ziki - Collar Bird (@The Outlet Sales room)
Headband : .charme. Danni Red - Headband (@The Outlet Sales room)
Glasses : .charme. Radinio - Glasses Rose (@The Outlet Sales room)
Shoes : (LaRoo) Lizzy T-Strap Pumps
Pose : ::WetCat::"Window Shopping" Boxed

Pic 2 (right) : 
Skin :  *Step inSide* JULY rosy-pale pack (@The Skin Fair 2013)
Hair : [e] Pretend - Essentials Collection
Sweater : ::{u.f.o}::malkang angora knit - black
Jeans : Greymoon-Swirly Embossed Skinny Jeans CUFFED faded black (@The Outlet Sales room)
Collar : .charme. Ziki - Salmon Collar (@The Outlet Sales room)
Headband : .charme. Danni Yellow - Headband (@The Outlet Sales room)
Glasses : .charme. Radinio - Glasses Ocean (@The Outlet Sales room)
Shoes : ::{u.f.o}::toe point flat shoes - mintchoco
Pose : GLITTERATI - Model pack 35

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