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Hello again!
A few days ago, while reading the blog Ms. Strawberry Singh, I thought to myself that I should write a post me too about 7 things to know about me. What a great idea is not it? Thank you to Strawberry Singh for this great idea. So here's 7 things to know about my dear lazy crazy person (after that you would never want to be friends with me).

SL fact 1 : I'm on SL with my avatar Satine Sabra, for 4 years. Before that, I had another avatar but this account has been deleted by Linden Lab, and when they realized their mistake, I already created this account that I currently use. Why Satine Sabra as name? Well, because back then I loved the film Moulin Rouge and Sabra because it reminded me of the sword, sharp and beautiful (when it is not being used to harm).

SL fact 2 : I was very disappointed sentimentally and friendly way. Two guys broke my heart. One promised me the moon and  withdrew it. The other was a liar and he ran two hares at once as we say at home. About friendship, I had a friend that I really loved, but she was dating my boyfriend (the liar one), I forgave her and when i told the truth to her boyfriend (who was my friend too and because honesty is all for me) she told him  that I was a liar & insane and she cut bridges with me. Since then I refuse friendship on SL and keep only my true and old friends.

SL fact 3 : I have a real addiction to shopping on SL, now I try to detoxify as I can of this vice, it's hard but I succeed. I also love decorating houses that I collect. I often change furniture

SL fact 4 : I wanted to become a blogger by reading the blog of Strawberry Singh, and even though I would never be as talented as her, I love blogging and I do not know how to thank her enough for this inspiration. I love blogging, it became a real passion.

SL fact 5 : I never send IM first because I'm always afraid of disturb so I awaits that one contact me. People who do not know me think this is indifference, people who know me know that I'm paranoid.

SL fact 6 : I have been designer a few months, I had a shop on the marketplace. But as I found my work too ugly, I gave up. I lack self-confidence.

SL fact 7 : I'm shy, very sensitive, and sometimes people think I'm cold but I'm actually very open and chatty when I'm comfortable with someone.

So now that you know that I'm a patented madwoman I hope that you will not be too scared <3

Credits :
Skin :LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar - Almond
Hair : Clawtooth: Serendipity (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)
Top : tulip. Cotton Tank (Sky - MESH)
Pose : .la petite morte. editorial headshot poses

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  1. I know how it feels to have your heart broken, but fortunately time heals all wounds. Thank you for sharing. <3


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