Baptiste for The Skin Fair 2013

Hi Guys!
The topic of my first post of the year is for The Skin Fair 2013.

This event is the most eagerly awaited of the year for girls more generally but also by some of us because let's be clear: there are not always many choices for us men in the events.However  The Skin Fair event  is an exception to the  rule because I have seen that there were skins for us too and honestly theses males skins are really really  great!
For more infos ,  about The skin fair click here.

One of these skins whose I'll talk about today is called Baptiste and this  is a new skin from Mr. ReishiProphet, designer and owner of the -Nivaro- shop , and you will be able to judge by yourself when you'll go visit his location at The Skin Fair (when you arrives, you will find it between Glam Affair & Dream Ink , you can't miss it ! ).
On the photos that you see, they are such as I took them ​​in-world and not photoshoped because
 1: photoshoped pictures of skins can be misleading because we tends to improve this or that
 2: this skin does not need alterations, as it is already perfect!
Baptiste skin from creamtone to drowtone

From ghostone to summertone
Baptiste skin is available in 8 different skin tones and each skin comes with 3 body hairstyles (hairy , no hair , trailhair) , bald or with hairbase & with or without stubble (well errm, meant clean or with stubble if you like).
Skin tones names are (found them really cool btw) :

  • creamtone
  • darktannedtone
  • darktone
  • drowtone
  • ghosttone
  • lighttone
  • springtone
  • summertone
On the pictures , I chose to wear the skins with the stubble option . Furthermore you find plenty of other add-ons in his shop to customize your skin.
So guys, who said that we could not compete in beauty with the ladies?
In any case I'm feeling fiendishly handsome, and I strongly suggest you to take a tour to Nivaro shop, because there are other skins available and I think whatever your style you will find what you want.

Skin : -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin - springtone - trailhair_stubble_hair (@The skin fair 2013 )
Hair : *Dura-Boy*36(Black)
Undies : Zaara : Deven Boxers *navy-black*
Jeans :  *BND*Mesh Baggy  JEAN
Earrings : [MANDALA] SINRA piercing
Piercing : *BND* fACE plug PIERCINGS 2 
Eyes : .ID. Deep / Mens Dept / Olive

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