Spring coming.. and new house too

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With the onset of spring (within a few weeks), I decided to begin a major cleaning. And it starts with my house. This is where I spend time when I have nothing to do on SL, I like to relax alone or with friends. My home is my refuge. That's why I want it, comfortable and warm.

Living room


This time for the house, I choose PILOT Trautmann Skybox. I really fell in love with this house. All in mesh and 20 prims only ! the colors are soft and warm, and the Skybow seems so real that it would be difficult not to  love it.
For furniture I remain faithful to my favorite furniture shops : What Next , Trompe loeil, Apple Fall, Cheeky Pea, Laq & Pilot (again ).

Living Room
Sofa & Chair (Coffee table,console table, console table decor) :  :Cheeky Pea : Ansel Living Room (PG)
Planters : {what next} Cornwall Daisies Planters
Curtains : LISP - Mesh Carmen Drapes
Giftbox : {what next} With Love Gift Box #2
Choco tray : {what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray
Desk ::Cheeky Pea : Calla Desk
Sofa : :Cheeky Pea : Rue Abel Loveseat
Bookcase : LAQ Decor ~ White - Bookcase
Print : {what next} Bloggers Memo Board
Bench : {what next} Darling Buds Gossip Bench
Easel : LISP - Mesh - Painter Stool

Bed :  {af} Winter Bed
Bedside table : {af} Rene End Table
Lamp : {af} Manhattan Table Lamp
Book : floorplan. pride and prejudice novel & floorplan. the philosopher's stone novel
Grey frame : {af} Blank Frame
Oval frames :~silentsparrow~Uni-ee  & Adorabatty Decorative Pennants & Art 
Laptop :{af}  iFall Notebook
Tray : {what next} Rise & Shine Coffee
Photoframe : {what next} "Who We Love".Photoboard
Prints 1 : {what next} 7 Mixed Prints (Displayed : Bronte#1 & 2)
Prints 2 : {what next} Summer Prints
Bird print : {what next} Flyaway Wall Art (Birds) - white
Drawers : {what next} Suitcase Drawers  (Retro Spring)
Pink drawer : {what next} Suitcase Drawers  (Vintage To A Tea)
Bench : :Cheeky Pea : Laurence Traveller Bench
Chair : {what next} Kendal Occasional Chair
Screen : {what next} 'So Boho' Dressing Screen
Bath : HIS-bathtime
Sink & mirror : [*Art Dummy!] to wash. (sink and vanity)
Nails shelve : PILOT - With Love - Nail Polish Rack (hunt prize)
Towel rack : Trompe Loeil - Morning Light Towel Rack Rose (part of morning light bathtub set)

Kitchen unit : Trompe Loeil - Timeless Kitchen Counter  Teal
Spices : !O: Animal Spice (previous Arcade event items)
Mugs : [MAGIC NOOK] Christmas Mugs
Tray : {what next} Hampton Tray Decor (white
Chinese takeway boxes : {af} Chinese (Group Gift)
Calendar : [Commoner] Wall Calendar
Milk and cookies : -tb- Pastry Mania - Milk and Cookies RARE (previous Arcade item)
Board : {what next} Notice Me Memo Board - Kitchen
Print 1 : {what next} Cafe Kitchen 2 - Bon Appetit (previous Arcade item)
Prints 2 : {what next} Hodgepodge Kitchen Prints
Table : LAQ Decor - Dinner Table 
Display case : PILOT - Larkin  Display Case - Choco/Tan
Prints : {what next} Cafe Vintage Wall Prints
Cabinet : LISP - Mermaids & Salty Dogs Cabinet 
Treats : -tb- Pastry Mania (previous Arcade event items)

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