Caught in her own trap

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Hello and so sorry for not having posted anything sooner but my laptop broke down and I am forced to use my old desktop, which is a problem because I crash all the time now on SL. Finally, I look forward to my darling laptop is repaired because using my old pc with a USB wifi, it's horrible.
The good news despite my technical problems, The costume ball event begins today, the place is awesome. The decor is really beautiful I felt like i was in an old ballroom, impressive! But this is not all, designers have put all their talents to this event whose theme is the macabre, but with class and elegance.

 I tried to do my best, the idea was a black widow, caught in her own trap. And what better way to illustrate the idea that the "puppeteer" prop by BellaStarr Fhang for evolve, dress from [Haste] which comes with a mask (you can choose from 8 colors for the mask simply by clicking on it) and long black gloves. For the skin, I decided to wear the one from Izzie's  with its  blood red lipstick .

Skin : Izzie's - Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.)
     Dress  :  [Haste] Costume Ball Dress
Pose prop : .evolve.the puppeteer. {pose prop}

Hair : [BURLEY]_Stasia

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